Product Announcement: Lensrentals Looney

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Not to be left out of the spirit of Photokina, Lensrentals today announced it's first new camera design: the Lensrentals Looney.

Based on a Sony NEX-7, the Looney specs a 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor, an ISO range of 100-16000, 0.02 second shutter lag, a 3-inch LCD screen, a built-in EVF, 25 AF points, Sony E and A mount compatibility, and 10fps continuous shooting.

The camera’s name and look pay homage to the fact that Lensrentals' staff howl at the moon. The Italian design (Cicala is Italian, sort of) features handgrips made of real fake leather, and precious carbon polymer gems on various switches and knobs, and a unique lens cap made from the finest recycled wood fibers and hand embossed by a member of the staff.

The Looney is basically a whole series of cameras made to order with different styles and materials. We have some fake green and black leather; yellow, green and blue gemstones, and some gold glitter left over from Drew's sceptor.

Here is your chance to own a unique camera that you won't see at every soccer game. Compared to many recent releases, the Looney is a bargain at only, oh, let's say $4,500. $4,500 sounds good, doesn't it?

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John C said:

Dear Roger,

As a Nex-7 user, I loved your spoof. I am also wondering if the Sony camera and videography department are competing to see who can make the most ridiculous announcement. The camera this page is spoofing (trying not to spoil it) just barely edges out the VG-900: the FF Nex video camera with ZERO FF Nex lenses available. I love Sony but it sometimes does things that are just a bit too crazy.

Zlatko said:

Looks like a very fine camera. But how well is that mule treated and how are the mule's carbon emissions?

graham said:

I'll wait for the lady gag Polaroid thanks. I think they will use real meat, which has better ergonomics.

James said:

I'm waiting for the Ferrari edition.

Budi said:

Toyota : TRD
Nissan : Nismo

Sony NEX : Cicala edition
"a sportier, fancier and exclusive version of the ever-popular but plain-boring and pedestrian NEX"

Yep, sounds like a good idea!

LensRentals Employee

Roger Cicala said:

Not yet, but we are working on a helium filled version. . . .

But with a camera like this, it's not whether it can fly, or even take pictures. The important thing is if it LOOKS like it can fly and take pictures.

stickninjazero said:

I have buyer's remorse now that I got my boss to buy us a D800 instead of the new Habbelsad. Would be great for our aerial photography needs. Does it fly on its own? This would cause me to return the D800 as it still requires me to carry it aboard an aircraft to take aerial photos.

LensRentals Employee

Roger Cicala said:


Of course we use only organic plastics in all of our products. No harsh synthetic chemical plastics are substituted. Sure, it increases the cost, but we only want natural plastics in our cameras and we know you do, too.

That's why we pick our plastic beans by hand and transport them by mule. We try to leave as small a footprint on the plastic environment as we can.

Bokeh is in the eye of the beholder, of course, and our bokeh has to be beheld to believe.

jseliger said:

The plastic beans are hand picked and carried by mule to our processing plant where they are carefully selected and roasted to create a smooth, creamy plastic.

What effect does this have on bokeh?

Also, are the plastic beans organic?

David said:

As a Habbelsad fan boy, I am deeply offended by your savage attack on my favourite brand, which I will irrationally defend to my dying days. Do it again and I will start calling you nasty names in online forums.

LensRentals Employee

Roger Cicala said:

Pete, it is genuine plastic grown on our own trees. The plastic beans are hand picked and carried by mule to our processing plant where they are carefully selected and roasted to create a smooth, creamy plastic.

PeterK said:

Superb joke X-D

Pete Johnson said:

I don't care if the leather is "real" fake or not, the real question is "is the plastic genuine?".

Sean Esopenko said:

This made me laugh out loud :D

Michal said:

Shut up and take my money!

David O'Sullivan said:

I would buy it if only it came with real fake carbon fibre and wood patterned plastic grip.

Alfredo Pagliano said:


btw "Cicala" does mean Cricket in italian

Jim Thomson said:

Well quite a coup. LensRentals development team kept this a total secret.
No advanced leaks on any rumor sites.

LensRentals Employee

Roger Cicala said:


Depends on the weather. It is sealed against wind and sunshine.

Space said:

Is it weather sealed?

LensRentals Employee

Roger Cicala said:

That's our new Glare Resistant Screen option. It's another $300 but worth it in the Sunny South.


Taylor said:

This looks phenomenal! When will it be available to rent?

Roger S. said:

Is the thumb print included, or is that an accessory?

Jason said:

Spectacular. I'll take five.

elkarrde said:

Brilliant! :)

Talesh said:

Priceless... I love it!

Joel said:

When can we expect to see a signature series?

Anthony said:

And it says Habbelsad on the back?!? I'll take five!

Chase said:

Looks better than the camera it spoofs which looks like its wrapped in meat.

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