11 Responses to “We Love Lenses”

David said:

That was ridiculously awesome!
Too bad it wasn't in the budget, but that should have been your Superbowl ad.

Andrew Burday said:

I don't know... Great idea, not sure about the execution.

One concrete suggestion: why is the woman at the end saying that she isn't good enough for the lens? The whole idea is that you're getting rid of the lens because it isn't good enough for lensrentals. It would have been funnier to have her calmly say something like, "You know, you're really nice looking -- but you're soft. No matter what I do, you're always soft. And I just can't keep you around if you're always going to be soft." And then launch the lens.

Kenny said:


Phillip Reeve said:

hilarious! I I was living in the US I would be a regular customer!

Soulnibbler said:

Wow, that was awesome and creepy and awesome and creepy and more awesome.

K. Langoso said:


Samuel H said:


Paul B said:

Wonderfully bizarre! Thanks for the Valentine's message...

BenC said:

I like Andrew's line!

Paul B said:

OK--I have to comment again--only 9 (now maybe 10)comments for an absolutely super video?? These folks are the best--
PLEASE do an Ides of March, spring solstice, July 4th--etc etc production video--really great! Thanks, gang!

Max said:

Why is anyone getting excited about the 'Shoots like an Otus' Sigma. We already got the shoots like an Otus AF lens - it's called the Zeiss FE55mm.

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