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Wavelength-Detecting Sensor Eliminates Bayer Filter, Triples Resolution

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“Current camera sensor technology is completely backwards.” Dr. Eno Lirpa Everyone knows that in order to generate color, a digital camera's sensor is overlaid with a Bayer filter. The filter makes each pixel sensitive to either red, blue, or green light.   Standard Bayer filter, courtesy Wikipedia Commons   Software than interpolates this red, green [...]

Roger's Law of New Product Introduction

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For several years now, my occupation has been to basically read everything written about new equipment. In order to help everyone save time, and to save the Internet millions of electrons, I have developed a concise method to summarize all such discussions for all newly introduced imaging equipment. I modestly call this Roger's Law of [...]

Dear Santa

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Dear Santa, I don’t really need anything for Christmas this year. But I would appreciate if you would bring some gifts to my favorite photography manufacturers. Canon: An 0.18 µm CMOS fabrication plant is what they really need, Santa. If that won’t fit in the sleigh, then maybe you could bring them a few million Sony [...]


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With the recent camera releases (or maybe Spring fever) I've been rather amazed watching various photography forums have major melt downs during the last few weeks. I said something about cameras and lenses just being tools, not life and death, and got immediately annihilated. They aren't just tools, I was told, they are the means [...]

Say Whhaaat?

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Camera and lens manufacturers employ teams of professionals to write their copy, and others to edit it dozens of times. At least you would think they did. But what they actually publish is often a combination of market-speak, outright lies, and sometimes just oddly puzzling (and often funny) gibberish. Here's a few claims that I've run [...]