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What the Well Dressed Photo Geek is Wearing

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A New Addition to the Royal Lensrentals’ Garb I generally consider jeans and any shirt with a collar to be dressed up. There are, however, certain occasions when ‘clothing makes the man’, as they say. For example, when interviewing job applicants, I usually wear the 800mm Hood of Camera Knowledge. Dressing appropriately for the interview, [...]

The Bargains of 2012

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Now SLR prices are dropping like rocks and there are last minute specials and door-busters everywhere. I’m not going to try to keep up with that stuff for you. But there are some other amazing deals right now that you might not be aware of. I know that more than a few of you are [...]

A Corporate Connotation

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This is sort of a metaphor. Like all metaphors it doesn’t fit quite perfectly. Like all metaphors, it does fit to some degree. “Fortune passes everywhere.” Frank Herbert Once upon a time there was an industry largely dominated by two companies. Their domination, over some 30 years, was so nearly complete that they became understandably a [...]

Photokina 2012: The Cameras

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In the days leading to Photokina, it seems that every manufacturer on the planet has announced at least one new camera. Keeping up with the myriad announcements has been trying for us, and we get paid to do it! So for all of you that don’t have the luxury of being paid to follow camera [...]

Mirrorless, Mirrorless on the Wall . . . . Part II

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And Now Some Meaningless Speculation These are simply my observations and speculations. I have absolutely no real information about any manufacturer’s plans. If I did I would have to sign a nondisclosure agreement and couldn’t write this stuff. But I like to speculate. It’s sort of like playing Fantasy Football with camera manufacturers. I’m going [...]

Mirrorless, Mirrorless on the Wall . . . Part I

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Today’s post is one of those exercises in randomness that I just have to do every so often. I’ve been working with mirrorless cameras lately. That led to several people reminding me that two years ago I predicted mirrorless cameras would largely replace entry-level SLRs. After careful evaluation I have to admit I was only [...]