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Small Camera Overview

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For several years I've wanted a small second camera, easy to carry around, but with image quality that is close to that of an SLR. A camera to take pictures with when my primary purpose isn't to take pictures. Five years ago such a thing didn't exist and I made do with the better point-and-shoot [...]

Photo Lenses for Video

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Videographers and cinematographers are all incredibly excited about the great effects, narrow depth-of-field, and cost savings that they can achieve by using SLR sensors to shoot video. They’ve rushed into the technology with all the excitement and enthusiasm of a third grader who just tried his first cup of coffee and chased it down with [...]

Choosing a Ballhead

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My last blog was about choosing tripod legs, now we’ll move on to choosing a ballhead to complete the package. One thing to get out of the way first: I’m not going to consider pan-tilt heads (the ones with handles that stick out that you twist and rotate, often seen offered in eBay ‘package deals’—Comes [...]

Choosing a Tripod

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Unlike lenses, there’s no Tripod Review Site—it’s pretty hard to measure things like ‘degree of sway per given load’ or ‘time to set up’ or ‘tilt over and crash quotient’. So I thought I’d write about choosing a tripod and ballhead. It would take a couple of days, and I’ve got time I thought. One [...]