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Guest Blogger Aaron Nace | How to Capture the Real & Surreal with a Superlative Lens

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Today's Guest Blogger Aaron Nace is going to show you tips on creating and compositing fantastical images with a lens he considers to be one of the best. Aaron is a Chicago-based photographer and retoucher who combines elements of reality and fantasy to create his images. Aaron has taught Photoshop and photography to over 100,000 [...]

Gear Up for Vacation!

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One of the things that is often great (but sometimes terrible) about working at Lensrentals is that you get to talk to lots of photographers all across the country. This time of year, we get tons of phone calls asking for gear recommendations for the big summer vacation. Sadly, we also get a few post-vacation [...]

Guest Bloggers Zach & Jody | Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Long Lens Perspectives

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Today we have guest bloggers Zach and Jody Gray hosting their free, weekly Tuesday Tips & Tricks on our blog here at Lensrentals! Zach & Jody are Nashville-based wedding photographers who have taken the industry by storm since their business began back in 2007. They have a huge heart for teaching and inspiring other photographers, [...]

Small Camera Overview

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For several years I've wanted a small second camera, easy to carry around, but with image quality that is close to that of an SLR. A camera to take pictures with when my primary purpose isn't to take pictures. Five years ago such a thing didn't exist and I made do with the better point-and-shoot [...]