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Choosing a Tripod

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Unlike lenses, there’s no Tripod Review Site—it’s pretty hard to measure things like ‘degree of sway per given load’ or ‘time to set up’ or ‘tilt over and crash quotient’. So I thought I’d write about choosing a tripod and ballhead. It would take a couple of days, and I’ve got time I thought. One [...]

The Budget SLR Gourmet

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This is a bit of a different perspective for us: I’m writing this article at the request of a number of our rental customers about what to BUY, not what to RENT. Fairly often one of our customers, beginning to get into photography, emails me with questions about getting quality gear on a budget. They [...]

What Lens Do I Want? Part I

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This is the question with 1,000 answers. Or at least the question we answer 1,000 times a day. We stock 200 different lens models (as of December 2008), each of which is the right tool for some photographers some of the time. Sometimes the question is for subtle differences between specialty lenses: I can wax [...]