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Lensrentals Repair Data: 2012-2013

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Correction: Lenses called "Rokinon" in the "Weeks to Failure" rate incorrectly included Bower & Samyang branded products. Because of this error, data for lenses called "Rokinon" lenses has been removed. We apologize for this inaccuracy, and any confusion that may have resulted therefrom. What Is This? We have a unique opportunity: We own a very [...]

D600 Sensor Dust Issues

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We tend not to get too excited about sensor dust problems here; we clean sensors on every camera after every rental, so it's just routine. When we started carrying the Nikon D600 they all arrived with a fair amount of dust, but that's pretty routine, too. Manufacturing and shipping can be a dusty experience. When [...]

Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC Issue

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First and foremost, this is just a point of information  - something worth knowing about if you own this lens or are considering buying it. The Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC is an excellent lens, but as with so many new products, early adopters are always serving the role of beta testers. I wouldn't be surprised [...]

Lens Repair Data 2011

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What Is This? We started doing this several years ago. We have a unique opportunity: we own a very large number of lenses subjected to rather harsh conditions: they get packed in boxes, tossed around by UPS, and sometimes the user isn’t as careful with them as you would be with your own lenses. Our numbers [...]