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FWIGTEW and Other First Wedding Acronyms

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One of the really enjoyable things about running Lensrentals is getting to work with lots of photographers who are taking their hobby professional and entering the field of wedding photography. We have numerous regular customers that we’ve worked with since they rented equipment for their first big shoot, seen them grow over the years, and [...]

The Full Frame Move

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I hear it all the time: I’m thinking about moving to a full-frame camera. It’s getting more common as the price gap between full and crop frame cameras is shrinking, at least to some degree. But often it said as if moving to full-frame is, by itself, an upgrade. As someone who moves back and [...]

How to Get Sharp Telephoto Images

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You want to know what the most common cause of photographer disappointment is? Absolutely, positively the most common? It’s the photographer who just came back from a special trip—a safari, a wildlife adventure, birding, maybe even whale watching—with 762 blurry telephoto pictures. We talk to someone at least once every week with just this scenario. [...]