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A Comprehensive Guide to Aerial Photography

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In the last few years, the price of renting a helicopter has decreased dramatically. Coupled with the advent of DSLRs that perform very well in low light, this has created a wonderful opportunity for photographers to charter helicopters in numbers never seen before. Over the past two years, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time […]

The Venus 60mm Macro – A Hidden Gem for Macro Photography

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Including macro shots in a portfolio or wedding album is a great way to add variation and make the work stand out. This is the time of year when we get a lot of questions not only about macro lenses but about which lenses are best for shooting weddings. These questions are often asked in […]

Infrared Photography: Imaging in a Different Light

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Creative Experimentation As a photographer with an art background and an employee of a company with endless gear options, I am always looking for something to give me a fresh perspective on image making.  On our recent trip to the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference+Expo (WPPI) in Las Vegas I took the opportunity to learn […]