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Audio for Video

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Video is just photos strung together, right? You can just use the on-camera microphone and fix it in post-production, right? NO! Audio is the most forgotten thing during a shoot. When shooting video, even professional TV shows and films capture crappy audio. It’s something that a lot of people consider inevitable. In a big production, [...]

Video Compression Explained

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Note: This is a rather in-depth article about video compression. If you are new to video, you’ll want to read I’ve Shot Video, Now What? first. When we started carrying the nanoFlash, Roger, our video challenged owner bought it because he was told it was great. When he read about it he became completely overwhelmed [...]

I've Shot Video... Now What?

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This article is really for Roger, but it works very nicely for anyone who is just trying video (yes, you photographers know who you are). You’ve been using a dSLR with video capabilities, and you decided on your last shoot to take a little video for fun. Now what do you do with it?

35mm to Video Adapters

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35mm-to-Video Lens Adapters With the introduction of video shooting capabilities on the Nikon D90 and Canon 5DMkII cameras, we decided it was time to add video equipment to our inventory, to be able to provide both photography and videography items to anyone dabbling in both arenas. Naturally, we added a couple of camcorders, video lenses, [...]