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Most, but not all, of our items come with a 90-day limited warranty. If the item you are interested in purchasing comes with a warranty, it will say so on the item’s listing.


The warranty covers damage that arises from normal use of the item. It does NOT cover accidental or intentional damage. Simply, if you drop the lens, get it wet, decide to take it apart and put it back together, freeze it, burn it, blow it up, run it over: We aren’t going to fix it for you. If one day you start using the lens, and randomly the auto-focus stops working, or the zoom jams: We will fix it for you.

Making a Claim

It’s simple. Just email us at support@wordpress.lensrentals.com. Sometimes, it is just a simple issue that we can troubleshoot for you. If it sounds like a repair is needed, we’ll send you a shipping label, you’ll send it back to us, and we’ll get it fixed up ASAP.

Transferring the Warranty

The warranty is non-transferrable. Only the person who originally bought the item from us can make a warranty claim. If you sell or give the lens to someone else, the warranty is gone. If you intend to purchase an item as a gift for someone, simply type “I’m buying this as a gift for my friend Scrooge McDuck” in the special instructions box, and we’ll assign the warranty to him.


Inspection Period

We allow a 3 day inspection period on all sale items. If, for any reason, you want to return the item within those 3 days, simply return it to us using the enclosed return shipping label for a refund (3% restocking fee MAY apply. See below for details).

Other Returns

You can return the item up to 30 days from the date you received it. If you are returning an item outside the 3 day inspection window, we will issue a refund for the purchase price less the appropriate rental fees and $29 for roundtrip shipping (3% restocking fee MAY apply. See below for details).


ItemPurchase PriceReturned After:Less Rental Fees:Less Shipping:Refund Amount:
Canon 100-400$1,1002 days$0 (returned in inspection period)$0$1,100
Canon 100-400$1,1007 days($66.00)($29.00)$1,005
Canon 100-400$1,10030 days($194.75)($29.00)$876.25


Restocking Fee

For every transaction we process, we owe a roughly 3% fee to the credit card processor. Even when we refund the transaction, we do not get this 3% fee back. Because of this, we reserve the right to charge a 3% restocking fee for repetitive or abusive returns.

What does that mean, you ask? It means, unless you are a jerk, you won’t be charged the fee.

Who is a jerk, you now ask? If you buy 6 different copies of a single lens, intending to look at them all and return 5 of them – you are a jerk and will be charged the fee. If you’ve bought 10 things from us this year, and you’ve returned 7 of them for no apparent reason – you are a jerk and will be charged the fee.

  • Paul C

    Is my assumption correct that none of the lenses are grey market, so that I would be able to get Nikon to service them if I need service after your warranty has expired? Thanks

  • Ralf C. Kohlrausch


    just a general question: Would you sell to Germany? Or more precisely to me, living at a German address? I know that German customs and salestax will add to your price.

    Ralf C.

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