Cavision Shoulder Mount with Viewfinder

Used 7.5/10

Serial number CAView5

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This rig combines the Cavision offset shoulder mount with the Cavision LCD viewfinder.

Shoulder Mount

Designed for DSLR use, the shoulder mount sets the camera’s LCD in front of the operator; a more intuitive position for videographers. Dual handgrips allow firm control and the 15mm rods support-base allows use of a matte box or other accessories ahead of the camera.

Furthermore, the shoulder pad and hand grips can be removed for a tripod/ jib/ dolly-ready rod support system. The camera base plate has mounting threads for 1/4" and 3/8" screws allowing easy attachment of a tripod speed plate.


The viewfinder is a single lens element cap designed to mount over a 3.5 inch LCD, such as the 5DMkII, transforming the LCD into a viewfinder for Live View and video work. It greatly enhances working in sunlight or conditions where the viewfinder can be hard to visualize allowing more accurate composition and focusing.

The camera mounts to the plate in front of the viewfinder and is adjustable to mount snugly to the LCD on most cameras. There is a swing connection so you can quickly swing the viewfinder out of the way if you want to look through the eyepiece, etc.

Kit shows light to moderate wear but functions flawlessly.

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