Anton Bauer Tandem 70 Battery Charger

Used 8.0/10

Serial number 25446

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Anton Bauer’s Tandem-70 combines a one position InterActive® charger suitable for use with any of our Anton Bauer batteries with the convenience of a range AC Adapter for any camera or device that will accept Anton Bauer Gold Connection batteries. If you run out of battery power, you can use the adapter function to continue running your camera if AC power is available. It will also charge any Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery in two hours or less. If the AC line voltage is removed, and a charged battery is mounted on the Tandem-70, power from the battery will be routed to the camera. When the AC line voltage is restored, the battery is reevaluated for a proper charge routine. It may also be used as a freestanding charger when you only need to charge one battery at a time. Weighing only one pound, it is a good addition as a lightweight mains adapter or as a high performance charger.

As with all Anton Bauer chargers, charging with the Tandem-70 is fully automatic. Mount any Logic Series battery to the Tandem-70 and it will automatically determine the appropriate charge routine and execute it.

The Tandem-70 will charge any Anton Bauer Logic Series Gold Mount battery, including H50 and H100 batteries.

This copy shows light wear and functions flawlessly.

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