Panasonic AG-AF100 Camcorder

Used 8.5/10

Serial number LOTDA0044

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This camcorder is in good shape, the LCD and sensor are clean and scratch free. It has 609 hours logged, and operates to all specs. Includes everything pictured above.

Product Overview

The Panasonic AG-AF100 HD interchangeable-lens camcorder provides all the tools you want in a professional camera: manual video and audio control, variable frame rates, HD-SDI and HDMI output, XLR inputs, timecode, internal ND filter, waveform and vectorscope display, and a large EVF. But it images on a large, 4/3-type image sensor. At 17mm X 13mm it’s 4 times larger than the 2/3" chips found in cameras costing more than twice as much. And it’s designed from the start to use interchangeable SLR lenses. So in theory it provides the best of both worlds: the large sensor of an SLR with all of the tools and connectivity of a pro video camera.
The AG-AF100 series has inherited and further advanced the acclaimed functions of the VariCam, which is widely used in producing movies, TV programs and TV commercials. The new Variable Frame Rate (VFR) function supports full-HD (1920 × 1080) progressive mode. Armed with a 20-step undercrank (lower frame rate)/overcrank (higher frame rate) function, the AG-AF100 series is capable of producing cinematic images such as a 1/2.5x slow-motion effect and 2x fast motion effect when played in 24p mode.

If you want to use a different lens than a Micro 4/3 lens you will need an adapter. We stock Micro 4/3 adapters that will allow you to mount Olympus standard 4/3, Leica M, Canon, and Nikon lenses to the camera.
A note about Olympus lenses with the AF-100 We recently tested two copies of the same lens on the AF-100. One allowed iris control through the camera, one did not. “The lens that doesn’t have iris control must need a firmware update” was our first thought, until we performed the firmware update and were still unable to get the lens to communicate with the camcorder. The point being; we can’t guarantee any Olympus lens will communicate with the AF-100. Furthermore, with the wide array of lenses available for use on the AF-100, we wouldn’t recommend Olympus lenses anyway.
Two SDXC Memory Card Slots
Zebra: Select any two levels from among 50% to 105%, in 5% steps.
Color bar: Outputs a color bar signal.
Built-in 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 ND filters

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