Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III

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The Canon 1Ds III provides a 21-Megapixel, full-frame image. Other key features include a 3-inch LCD with Live View, dual Digic 3 image processors, automated self-cleaning system, and a 45 point autofocus system with 19 high precision cross-type sensors.

For many years, this was THE camera for high resolution images. It’s a bit long in the tooth now, but still useful in certain situations — when you need robust weather sealing, long battery life, top-level autofocus, etc. On the other hand, the rear LCD really shows the cameras age and you won’t want to try live-view focusing with it.

Roger Cicala

Roger's Take

Roger Cicala

President of LensRentals.com

Do you know the difference between a Northern zoo and a Southern zoo? Well a Northern zoo has a description of each animal outside the cage. A Southern zoo’s description goes further: it also includes a ‘recipe’. The Canon 1Ds III goes a little further too — 22 megapixels further. Obviously you don’t need that if you don’t need that, but for absolute detail in a shot, what it can do is staggering. Do most of us need that kind of resolution most of the time? No, of course not. But there are times when it’s necessary or at least really desirable.

January, 2013

  • Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III camera body
  • Body cap
  • Strap
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Manual or Cheat Sheet
  • Camera bag


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Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $158.00 $52.67
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7 days $225.00 $32.14
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14 days $394.00 $28.14
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