Panasonic GH2

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Note: This is just the camera. It does not come with a lens.

The GH2 increases the still resolution of the earlier GH1 up to 16.05MP, has 1920×1080 60i HD Video with Dolby stereo sound, and faster auto focus than its predecessor. In fact, Panasonic claims that it autofocuses in 0.1 seconds, which is a similar speed to SLR cameras using phase-detection autofocus. It can handle 5 frames per second and can be set to ISO 12,800.

It’s still smaller (4.88×3.53×2.98 inches and 14 oz) than most DSLRs. There is a 3 inch free-angle LCD with 460,000 dots, high sensitivity of up to ISO 12800, and an advanced dust reduction system. The electronic viewfinder, considered the best on any camera in the earlier GH1, has been improved even further, increasing the display area to 1,533,600-dot equivalent resolution with 0.71x magnification and 100% field of view.

A Cinema mode allows you to shoot 1080/24p video with 24Mbps, but there a multitude of other frame rates and resolutions available and it records AVCHD and Quick Time Motion JPEG. There are a variety of color modes and 3 different black and white settings for in-camera processing. You can even shoot a high resolution 14MP photo at the touch of the shutter button while shooting video.

Tim Ashbrand

Tim's Take

Tim Ashbrand

Technical Support Manager

Firstly, this is a still-based take. For a video take, stand-by for Kris’ take. With the GH2, Panasonic improved autofocus with compatible lenses making them much faster than on previous micro 4/3 cameras. It is actually usable to capture those “fleeting moments”. The camera feels good in your hand, much like the GH1. The control dial, which used to be on the front, has migrated to the back of the camera (not sure how I feel about that quite yet). My hang up is the sensor performance. The images at base ISO are amazing (which shows the little m4/3 can resolve well), but bump up the ISO and image quality starts to drop fairly quick. Even shot in RAW, ISO 100 compared to 400 is a BIG difference. This is definitely due to the number of megapixels stuck on the somewhat small sensor. Unfortunately, the megapixel race still seems to be running strong. Will you see the difference? Not in smaller prints. If you try to print a 24″ × 36″ shot in the dark, you’re using the wrong camera!

Shooting video? Try our Video section for video specific support and accessories!

  • GH2 camera body w/ strap
  • Body cap
  • DMW-BLC12PP battery
  • DE-A79 charger
  • Camera bag

*Manual available by request only.


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