AstroTrac Star Tracking System

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Sure, lots of things say “Astrophotography made easy” and all of them are fibbing. This one isn’t fibbing very much though. Basically if you have a sturdy tripod and ballhead with 3/8" mounts the Astro Trac setup will let you take exposures up to two hours long compensating for the earth’s rotation so you get pinpoint stars, not long star tracks. If you don’t have a good tripod setup, our medium duty kit will work just fine.

You mount the Astro Trac between your ballhead and tripod, set it up, push start, and then take your photograph. You can take multiple shots of a few minutes each or up to a single two hour exposure. The setup will support 15 pounds easily if you balance things carefully. You can download and look at our Quck Start Guide if you want to get an idea of how complicated it is. The AstroTrac is powered by 8- AA batteries (not included).

Roger Cicala

Roger's Take

Roger Cicala

President of LensRentals.com

I’m completely Astro challenged. I couldn’t find Polaris on a clear night. But I’ve always wanted to shoot star fields and things. But given an iPhone and an App like Star Walk I was able to set this up and take several dozen photographs of several minutes duration with no visible star movement. I’m not ready to tackle nebulae and such, but I got some very pretty star fields and decent shots of the Milky Way. If I can do it, you certainly can.

  • Astro Trac TT320X-AG
  • TW3100 Equatorial Wedge
  • AstroTrac Polar Scope
  • Astro Trac AA battery holder and power cord
  • Astro Trac ‘Cigarette lighter’ power cord
  • Hard Pelican case

Please Note: The 8-AA batteries required to power the AstroTrac are not included.

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