Losmandy Explorer Jib


The Porta-jib Explorer by Losmandy is a remarkable tool that lets independents get amazingly professional footage, offering three major tools in one (albeit large) package. This is a complete package that includes the Explorer Tripod with spreader, weight bucket, leveling feet, wheels, and monopod braces. The Porta-jib explorer has the ability to serve as a jib, dolly and slider.

The tripod’s feet lock into position anywhere along the legs of the spreader: positioned with the legs angled out for maximum stability, or with the legs completely vertical for maximum height. It also has a built in gas-spring lifter that makes adjusting and leveling the legs when the system is in trolley mode much easier. The leveling legs can be removed and the set of 3 wheel clusters placed—the wheels will work equally well as floor wheels or as track wheels.

The jib will support a front payload of camera and fluid head up to 25 lbs. and utilizes a dovetail clamping system with spring-loaded pins that allows for quick assembly and disassembly without tools. The bucket will allow you to use rocks, waterbottles etc. as counterweight, thereby eliminating the need to carry metal weights.

One of the most useful features of this kit is that it can be converted to a double-rail trolley or slider by moving the tripod to one end and using the two included monopod braces at the other end. This provides a nearly 6 foot long slider with excellent stability. If you want to get a good idea of what this unit can do, we recommend taking a few minutes to watch this demo video.

This item ships in 3 self contained boxes and weighs about 60 pounds total. Shipping is going to be significant.

Warning! There are a lot of pieces in this kit. Most people will need a half-day minimum to assemble and get used to it, and another half day at the end of the shoot to disassemble and repack it. We will provide you a detailed packing sheet for each of the 3 bags showing exactly what is in there. If you are one of those (you know who you are) who tends to throw the equipment back in the box at the end of your shoot and not check it meticulously, you are going to be rather ill at the bill you will get for missing parts. Replacements are expensive and you will be immediately billed for missing pieces.

Erik Morrison

Erik's Take

Erik Morrison

Video Technician

The Porta-jib Explorer is an amazingly well constructed piece of equipment that is best described as a Swiss-Army-Erector-Set production machine. Offering a jib, dolly, slider, dolly-jib, slider-dolly… in other words whatever you might need to add movement to your production. It is worth noting that initial set-up of the Porta-jib Explorer can take some time and the equipment is very heavy so it is definitely not the right tool for run-and-gun productions.

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