PCB 64" Extreme Silver PLM Umbrella

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The strobe unit and light stand pictured above are not included!

The Paul C Buff 64" Extreme Silver PLM is a large, collapsable light modifier that’s designed for use with AlienBee / Einstein strobe units. While it has a umbrella-type design, it gives quite different results than what you’d normally get from an umbrella. The PLM concentrates and bounces the light from the strobe unit it’s mounted to, resulting in extraordinary efficiency (16 times as much output as softboxes). While a standard umbrella throws a wide, often uneven light pattern, the Extreme Silver PLM produces a tight yet even light pattern with no hotspot. With a falloff similar to a gridded strobe, it offers a very unique quality of light for long distance lighting, and large directional light pattern for close distances. The highly reflective silver interior provides extreme specularity, allowing a much more three-dimensional appearance than that of an umbrella or softbox / octabox.

In addition to the above mentioned uses, we also include the White Front Diffusion Panel for using the PLM at close distances. This diffusion panel softens the light reflected, giving results similar to what you’d see from an octabox. This softened light combined with the sheer size of the PLM allows the light source to appear much larger than our standard AlienBees Octabox. When the diffusion panel is used, the beam spred is around 140-150°.

Our PLM units have the Paul C Buff On-Axis Speedring, allowing for very quick and simple mounting to compatible AlienBee / Einstein strobes. If you’re using a different manufacturer’s strobe unit, we do also include the adaptable 7mm umbrella shaft for conventional, off-center mounting via the strobe’s umbrella mount. However, please note the PLM is optimized for best performance at certain distances from the flash tube, so strobe units other than AlienBee / Einstein require additional setup. You’ll need to “focus” the light pattern by sliding the umbrella rod in and out of your umbrella mount. The manual provides further details for this setup.

Warning: This item is not for unattended use for outdoor shooting. It is large and lightweight, meaning it WILL catch wind and take off if not held by an assistant at all times. If the unit returns broken due to wind damage / impact damage, you will be responsible for repair / replacement cost of all rental items damaged.

Tim Ashbrand

Tim's Take

Tim Ashbrand

Technical Support Manager

Since we now have a variety of modifier options for the AlienBee / Einstein strobes, I thought it might be helpful give a quick example image of what some of the often confused modifiers will give you. Below is a rough estimate of what you can expect in terms of quality of light for the AlienBees Octabox, Paul C Buff 64in Extreme Silver PLM with and without the diffuser panel, and the Paul C Buff 22in High Output Silver Beauty Dish with and without the diffusion sock. Keep in mind this isn’t meant to show exactly what you’ll get, as results will vary depending on your setup and subject. The strobe was setup about 12ft. from Aaron for the Octabox and Beauty Dish, and about 24ft for the PLM.

  • 64" Extreme Silver PLM w/nylon umbrella sleve
  • On-Axis Speedring w/ attached 10mm Positioning Shaft
  • 7mm Umbrella Shaft Pole Extension
  • White Front Diffusion Panel
  • Protective shipping tube for PLM
  • Carrying case


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