Giottos Compact Tripod/Monopod

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NOTE: This item is a tripod and balhead, sufficient to support a camera and 70-200 f2.8 size lens, but not larger.

The Giottos Vitruvian Carbon Fiber Tripod is a lightweight 5-section tripod that collapses down with reversible center post to 16.5 inches in length, making it ideal for travel. It weighs only 3.4 pounds without ballhead and can support 7 pounds of load carrying capacity. The legs extend to 52.7 inches in length and the center column can extend another 9 inches.

It has independent leg positions and has an unusual added feature: it is easily converted from a tripod to a monopod simply by unscrewing a tripod leg, removing the center column and joining them together.

Please Note: We include the standard Giottos camera plate with this tripod. However, do understand it is a 2" small camera plate. If you’re planning on using a larger lens, you may want to rent an additional lens plate. We rent 4 different sizes to give you the most flexibility.

We carry a lot of tripod/ballhead kits. Here’s a quick comparison to help you pick the one that’s right for you, from lightest to heaviest.

Benro Ultralight is the lightest and most transportable tripod we carry and capable of supporting slightly heavier loads than the Giottos Tripod/Monopod.
Benro Medium Duty maintains the very short folded length (17 inches) of the ultralight tripods, but has the heavier construction (and weight) of a medium duty, capable of handling a camera and 70-200 f2.8 size lens (and a 300 f2.8 in ideal conditions).
Giottos Tripod/Monopod A versatile carbon fiber tripod that also converts to a monopod. Small, inexpensive, easy to carry, and flexible. Not appropriate for lenses larger than a 70-200 f2.8.
Medium Duty Tripod and Ballhead combines a set of sturdy carbon fiber 4 section legs with a Markins Q3 ballhead which is small and light but very robust. A great choice for a more sturdy platform than the lightweight kits, and capable of holding a 300 f2.8 lens and camera with no trouble.

If you’ll be using a 400 f2.8 or similar size lens, we recommend getting a separate heavy duty tripod and a Wimberley II or Markins Q20i BV-20 Ballhead

If you’d like to mix-and-match to get exactly what you want we also carry separate Tripod legs and Heads

Maximum height
62 inches with center post fully extended
Collapsed height
16.5 inches
3.4 pounds
Leg Sections
Max Load
7 pounds
  • Giottos tripod legs
  • Giottos ballhead
  • Giottos camera plate
  • Tripod bag

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Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
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