Profoto Acute 2R Kit

Available Today

This is our most powerful two-light strobe kit. It is built around a Profoto 1200 watt seconds power pack with built-in PocketWizard compatible receiver (but which can also be triggered by the included 16 foot PC trigger cord). Each light can be varied up to 6 stops, from 1200 w/s to 37.5 w/s.

The kit also includes two Acute 2-D4 flash heads, two stands and two umbrellas. These heads feature a heavy duty circular quartz flash tube and UV coated protection dome that surrounds both the flash tube and the 250W modeling light. These flash tubes produce a color temperature of 5400K and can handle up to 4800 w/s of power. You can also alter the light spread in the head by adjusting the flash tube to reflector distance with a dial.

The kit ships in a heavy-duty semi-rigid case and weighs about 39 pounds, so you’ll have to call us for a shipping quote.

For those of you interested in purchasing the Acute 2R kit after rental Superdigitalcity will give you credit for your week’s rental fee towards purchase of a new kit.

9 lbs
Strobe Output
Modeling Output
Color Temperature
Color Shift
Stop Adjustment
6 Stops
Sync Input
Mini Phono
Sync Speed
Sync Voltage
Sync Cord
Built-In Slave
Photo Cell, Infra Red
Built-In Radio Range
Recycle Time
1.6 Seconds
8" Zoomable, Detachable
Angle of Light
Approximately 65 Degrees
Power Cord
16’ Attached
Total Power
Maximum Heads
Maximum Stops
6 Stops
Symmetric or Asymmetric(Max of 4 Stop Control)
Built-In Radio Trigger
Radio Range
300 Meters
  • (2) Profoto Acute D4 light heads
  • Acute 2R 1200 power pack w/antenna
  • Power cable for power pack
  • (2) Light stands
  • (2) Black/White removable umbrellas
  • PC to 1/4" Phono sync cable

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Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
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