RadioPopper JrX Kit for Nikon


The RadioPopper JrX kit is a radio transmitter and receiver kit for Nikon that allows manual power level adjustment and triggering with compatible Speedlights and studio strobes. It offers a range of up to 1700ft (various conditions will lessen this) without line-of-sight restrictions. It has 16 user-selectable channels to enable interference-free shooting.

The transmitter’s compact size allows for an unobtrusive setup. The three control dials offer the ability to adjust three separate groups of lights. When used with the AlienBees B800 strobes, you’ll have full power adjustment control thanks to the receiver’s RJ-11 data control port. If using a TTL-compatible Nikon Speedlight, the included RPCube allows the JrX triggers to control power adjustments manually using the same control dials on the transmitter.

The JrX transmitter and receiver use dip-switches to make channel selections, as well as a couple tweaks to controls. The maximum flash sync possible with the JrX system is 1/250 second. It does not offer HSS, so it doesn’t sync any higher in any mode. Both the transmitter and receiver are powered by a CR123 battery. We send a battery in each unit, but if you plan on shooting for an extended period of time, you may want to have a backup battery for each.

Studio Strobe Users

While the JrX can trigger any studio strobe with a 1/8" sync port, you will only have the JrX power adjustment option with AlienBees, White Lightning, and Zeus units. The only strobe units we rent that allow JrX power adjustment are:

After each power adjustment made, you must hit the test/power button to dump excess power to ensure the light updates. On AlienBees strobes, you’ll want to use the included 1/8" dummy plug to deactivate the optical slave. Otherwise, you may have misfires if other flash sources are near.

Nikon Speedlight Users


The following units WILL NOT allow power adjustment with the JrX:

While the above Speedlights do have Nikon’s i-TTL, they do not have a standard TTL mode. Since this is what the JrX system utilizes for the power adjustment feature, only TTL-compatible Nikon Speedlights, such as the SB-800 and SB-600, will allow power adjustment. However, you can still use the SB-700, 900, and 910 in manual flash mode.

The RPCube overrides the standard TTL mode with the light level you dial in on the transmitter. With that said, you must have the flash set to TTL mode to adjust power levels.

  • JrX Transmitter
  • JrX Receiver
  • RPCube for Nikon
  • 1/8" to 1/8" Sync cord
  • 1/8" dummy plug
  • RJ-11 “telephone” cord
  • Dip-Switch Guide
  • Case

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