Swarovski UCA Universal Camera Adapter


The Swarovski UCA Universal Camera Adapter is a stable mounting platform for attaching a DSLR camera w/50-75mm lens to the Swarovski ATM-80 HD spotting scope. This bracket offers adjustments on all three axes for a proper co-alignment of the camera’s lens with the spotting scope’s ocular. The UCA slides into place over the spotting scope’s eyepiece, and it tightens down with a thumbscrew for a secure tension-fit.

Once the camera is in place and lens is focused to infinity, all focusing is done on the spotting scope – to achieve the desired image, the magnification of the eyepiece can be adjusted while the UCA is in place. This allows for a quick switch from observation to extreme-telephoto photography. Once the camera is fitted correctly to the UCA it can be removed and reinstalled without needing to realign the system.

The UCA adapter is compatible with many DSLRs and compact cameras. It is suggested to use live-view to compose your shots, as the viewfinder will be pretty dark. If your camera is fairly small, such as a mirrorless camera, you could consider the Swarovski DCA Digiscoping Adapter for a smaller setup.

*Please note

You MUST use a very sturdy tripod when digiscoping due to the extremely high magnification factor. You will never get a sharp image if trying to handhold. It’s even difficult to get a sharp image when using a tripod. A cable release is highly suggested. Also, you will only want to shoot in very bright conditions. If your shutter speeds are less than 1/1000th sec, your images will probably be blurry. Shoot with the highest shutter speed possible! Cameras that don’t handle high ISO very well are not suggested.

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