Zacuto Sony FS7 Recoil

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Camera body and accessories not included!

The Zacuto Sony FS7 Recoil is a shoulder mount rig designed for the Sony PXW-FS7. Key features include:

  • Next Generation Recoil. This line of Zacuto rigs is designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. They allow the balance point to be adjusted to directly over shoulder, with mounting points for focus and monitoring, and camera controls to be moved forward for easy access.
  • VCT Universal Baseplate. This universal baseplate with integrated shoulder mount pad accepts just about any camera. On the front of the VCT Baseplate is an adjustable rod mount that holds the included 6.5" rods. As its name suggests, the baseplate features a v-wedge tripod connector for using the Sony VCT-14 Quick-Release Tripod Adapter but also has 1/4-20" and 3/8-16" threading for standard tripod plate attachment.
  • FS7 Handgrip Relocator. To take advantage of the great stock FS7 handgrip and arm, there’s the Rosette Minimount that slides on the included 15mm rods. It has both left and right ARRI M6 rosettes, so if you have any additional accessories you’d want to attach to the left side it has the capability.
  • Axis Mini for FS7. This mount allows the use of the stock viewfinder and top handle. Based on the standard Axis Mini, this FS7 version includes a Z-Mount Zwivel II for attaching the Axis Mini to the 15mm rod on the top handle. Since the stock viewfinder doesn’t have a rosette mount to connect to the Axis Mini’s, there’s a rosette to 15mm rod adapter that the clamp on the side of the viewfinder will mount to. All of these points are articulating or extendable, giving you 360ยบ of motion with the ability to extend the viewfinder out to your liking.

Optional Add-On Accessories:

  • Need a Focus System. While there are multiple follow focus options, the Zacuto Z-Drive Follow Focus with Tornado Grip is the perfect match for this setup. Not only does it allow focus control, it doubles as your 2nd handgrip for a sturdy setup. All without having to jeopardize footage by moving your hand to grab a traditional rail-mounted follow focus.
  • Need A Grip. The Zacuto Recoil is great, but users always wonder where their other hand goes. We’ve got just the thing for you! Enter the Zacuto Add-On Handgrip for Recoil.
  • Need Longer Rods. If 6.5" rods just won’t do, we also rent the Zacuto 10in Male / Female 15mm Rod Set. With it you’ll get (2) 10" rods that can be used on their own, or attached to the standard 6.5" rods included with the Recoil.
  • Using a Wide Angle Lens? The stock viewfinder tube is pretty large, requiring the LCD itself to be pushed pretty far forward. This can oftentimes cause the LCD to show in frame. We rent the Zacuto Z-Finder for Sony PXW-FS7 to help prevent this. While it’s not always necessary, the much smaller Z-Finder is immensely useful in those situations.
  • VCT Universal Baseplate
  • Axis Mini w/ Zwivel II
  • Rosette Minimount
  • (2) 6.5" F/F Rods
  • (1) 1’ Remote Extension cable
  • (1) Ball-Point Hex Driver 2.5mm

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