CompactFlash Firewire Reader


The SanDisk Extreme FireWire CompactFlash Card Reader is a high performance CF card reader. It offers the highest transfer speed and performance with a transfer rate of up to 40MB/second with sequential read and write.

It has one slot for CF cards only. No other cards are supported.

It supports FireWire 800/400* connectivity on both Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems, and draws power directly from the FireWire interface with no external AC power. FireWire is also known by other names, including IEEE-1394, i.LINK, and Lynx—however, it is not the same thing as USB, so if all you have is USB, this won’t work.

Erik Morrison

Erik's Take

Erik Morrison

Video Technician

It’s possible you like taking breaks and holding up a production every-time you need to dump a CF card, or perhaps you like carrying around way more cards than you need. I’d like to think you’re the type of person who’s concerned about digital workflow and realizes that money not spent on CF cards can go towards that 100mm Macro you had your eyes on. In other words, don’t leave for set without it. In other words it’s perfect for transferring large video files or hundreds of RAW files from CF cards of any size.

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