Marshall 5" HDMI Field Monitor


Designed primarily as an on-camera monitor for shooting DSLR video, the Marshall 5 inch monitor can be battery-powered in the field using 4 AA batteries or the included AC power supply. The bottom 1/4"-20 mount allows this lightweight unit to be mounted to most DSLRs, cranes, and jibs (hot shoe adapter included).

Despite its small size the V-LCD50-HDMI provides and 800 by 400 pixel image and offers many top-end features: 4 user-configurable front panel function buttons, RGB Check Field / Field Detect, RGB gain and bias control. Major features include Marshall’s industry leading FALSE COLOR and PEAKING Filters, along with Image Flip, Freeze Frame, and HDMI Auto Color Space and Ratio detect. It weighs only 0.55 pounds.

The light weight and small form factor of this monitor makes it perfect for use with a Glidecam; however, keep in mind that a monitor adds another level of complexity to the already arduous task of balancing your Glidecam.

If you plan on using this with one of our Glidecams, request the “Glidecam Monitor Bracket” in your order notes

Please Note:

  • We have noticed flickering in the in these monitors when using some off brand batteries. For the best results we recommend using the best batteries you can get your hands on. We have found the Duracell and Energizer brands to be the most reliable.
  • This monitor does not work when receiving an incoming signal from a loop-thru monitor.
HDMI (HDCP): 1 inputs, supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i
Power Source
4 AA batteries (not included) , AC adapter
  • Monitor
  • AC Adapter
  • Hot-shoe mount
  • 3 foot male to male HDMI cable
  • 3 foot male to mini HDMI cable

Works Well With:


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