SmallHD 7" DP7-PRO OLED-SX Monitor

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The DP7 Pro OLED SX is SmallHD’s flagship field monitor (as of Aug-2013) offering the most features of any 7.7" monitor out there. The image quality also impresses, boasting a 1280×800 (196 ppi, 10000:1 contrast ratio) OLED touchscreen behind Gorilla Glass.

Key features include:

  • Power Source. Our DP7 setup features an AB Gold Mount battery plate, allowing the monitor to run for up to 3hrs without powering other accessories. We include one ikan IB-LD95 95Wh battery and C-1K Single D-Tap Battery Charger. If you need additional batteries, they can be rented here.
  • OLED Touchscreen Display. The screen allows for a much wider color gamut display, as well as more than 10x the contrast of a standard LCD display.
  • HD SDIHDMI Conversion. This feature makes this particular monitor great for use with DSLRs and many professional grade camcorders.
  • Incredible Software Capabilities. Not only does this monitor provide all of the standard assistive functions (focus assist, false color, image flip DSLR scaling, aspect guides), but it also offers a wide variety of full screen scopes and meters!
  • Please Note. Due to the weight of this setup, we do not recommend mounting via camera hotshoe. Also, no cables are included with this item. If you need HDMI/SDI cables you can find them here.
x 2 (input) 1 (output)
x 1 (input) 1 (output)
x 1 (input) 1 (output)
x 1 (input) 1 (output)
x 1 (firmware input / 5v output)
AC Power
10-24v 4-pin Hirose (16 watt consumption)
DC Power
AB Gold Mount
  • Monitor
  • 1x ikan IB-LD95 95Wh AB Gold Mount battery
  • 1x ikan C-1K Single D-Tap Battery Charger
  • AC Adapter
  • Mounting Arm
  • Universal Rail Mount
  • Warning: This monitor does not come with any HDMI/SDI cables. They are a separate rentable item.

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14 days $61.00 $406.00 $467.00 $33.36
21 days $82.00 $545.00 $627.00 $29.86
30 days $103.00 $684.00 $787.00 $26.23
45 days $135.00 $893.00 $1028.00 $22.84
60 days $158.00 $1044.00 $1202.00 $20.03
90 days $203.00 $1346.00 $1549.00 $17.21
Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $162.00 $54.00
4 days $174.00 $43.50
7 days $232.00 $33.14
10 days $313.00 $31.30
14 days $406.00 $29.00
21 days $545.00 $25.95
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45 days $893.00 $19.84
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90 days $1346.00 $14.96

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