Schneider Cine Xenar Lens Set

Available April 23, 2014

The 5 lens Schneider Cine Xenar kit combines fast T-stops and the robust and reliable construction Schneider is known for. Each lens is equipped with a PL mount for use on high-end digital and 35mm film cameras. The lenses all have the same dimensions (102mm Filter thread) and come fitted with focus and iris gears (0.8 pitch) that are all in the same position, making them a breeze to use with the follow focus and/or mattebox.

The focus on these lenses all travel slightly (the barrel extends), during focusing, however, not more than the gear distance of the Redrock follow focus.

Please note: A certificate of insurance or a deposit is required to rent this item.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Schneider Cine Xenar lenses weigh approximately 5lbs. each. The micro 4/3 mount on the AF-100 is rated at 4lbs of support. When used with our AF-100s we require the use of a rod support system and highly recommend the use of additional support to customers planning on using Cine Xenars with with their personal AF-100s. AGAIN, USE OF THESE LENSES WITHOUT PROPER LENS SUPPORT, ON AN AF-100, MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE LENS MOUNT.

  • 25mm/T2.2
  • 35mm/T2.1
  • 50mm/T2.0
  • 75mm/T2.0
  • 95mm/T2.0
  • Zacuto Lens Support bracket for use with a 15mm rod support system (support system not included)
  • Pelican case

Please Note: These lenses are PL Mount lenses and WILL NOT work with your camera unless it has a PL mount or using a PL mount adapter.

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