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I'm Kris, and I'm one of the Lens Techs here at Oddly enough, imaging technology is much more interesting to me than creating images. That means I usually end up shooting whatever is handy, so long as it fulfills the requirements of a given test. Sometimes that is a chart, other times it is a cat. Mostly cats.


What’s All This RAW Hack Business?


You’ve more than likely heard about the Canon 5D Mk III RAW Hack. We too have been keeping a close eye on the Magic Lantern (ML) team as of late. In the last 4 months they’ve enjoyed their greatest triumphs since initially cracking the 5D Mark II’s code almost 4 years ago. It’s been a wild ride, and even though it’s far from over, we’re ready to join in. The LensRentals crew […]

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