Canon 5D Mark II IR Modified (830nm)

Canon 5D Mark II IR Modified (830nm)

Please note: we carry two types of IR modified 5D Mark IIs. This is the 830nm conversion.

  • This is an Infrared-Modified Camera. It does not take regular images.
  • Overview. We have had this 5D Mark II modified for IR photography. The low-pass filter was removed and replaced with an internal 830nm infrared filter. Instead of capturing three different colors of visible light, the camera now sees three different wavelengths in the near-infrared spectrum.
  • Common Uses. You use an IR-modified camera just as you would a normal SLR: autofocus works, live view works, and in-camera metering works. Exposure times are similar to a normal camera.
  • This Thing is Different. For those of you who are not familiar with IR photography, the look is very different: you’ll want to read up on shooting in IR and the post-processing required for the images.
  • No Auto-Sensor-Cleaning. The modification disables the automatic sensor cleaning function so the camera may report to an error when powering up if you set it to clean the sensor when starting up. Ignore this, it will work just fine.

Roger's Take

Founder & CEO

What’s the difference between 715nm and 830nm conversions? Not a whole lot. The 715 conversion lets in red visible light, the 830nm conversion doesn’t so there are a few differences: Exposure tim...

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Canon 5D Mark II IR Modified (830nm)

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