Fuji EF-X20 Flash

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The Fuji EF-X20 is a compact hotshoe flash that was designed to match the stylings of the Fuji X-Pro 1. It offers full TTL communication with +1/-1 adjustments in 1/3-stop increments on all Fuji cameras in the X-series. Throw in manual power adjustment from full-power (GN 20ft @ ISO 100) down to 1/32 flash all set on the manual dial, and it’s like shooting in a time warp. If you need an off-camera fill, it also features an optical slave mode that can be triggered by any on-camera or built-in flash. It covers 50mm by default, but also has a wide diffuser for 35mm shooting. It’s powered by two AAA batteries, with full recycle of about 5-6 seconds.

Tim Ashbrand

Tim's Take

Tim Ashbrand

Technical Support Manager

The Fuji EF-X20 is pretty much a slightly more powerful version of a pop-up flash. If you need a little fill flash for shooting family pics, it works great. If you’re wanting to light a subject 30 ft away in a pitch black room, you may want to turn the lights on first, then opt for the bigger Fuji EF-42 Flash.

  • EF-X20 Flash
  • Flash Stand
  • Case

*Manual available by request only.


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