Quantum T5D-R Flash

Quantum T5D-R Flash

Quantum instruments Q-flash is perfect when you need a powerful off-camera battery powered flash but don’t want to carry a full studio lighting kit or monolight. It provides 150 watt-seconds of flash power, about 3 times what a strong shoe mounted flash delivers, in a compact size (1 pound weight and just a bit larger than a shoe mounted flash).

The Qflash T5D has Exposure compensation in Auto and Manual Modes, Under-Over F-stop exposure indicators in Auto, a Flash Counter, visible and audible flash indicators and signal, modeling light and parabolic reflectors for clean, even light spread. Flash control is either Automatic, TTL (with optional adapters for TTL camera control), Manual, or Stroboscopic. Automatic exposure control covers a nine stop range, adjustable every 1/3 stop, for a total of 25 automatic settings. The LCD control panel shows minimum & maximum flash distance range for each auto setting. It has both an audible and visual indication of correct exposure, displaying “OK” & 1 beep, or 3 beeps right away and an “UNDR” or “OVER” in the display, telling which way to adjust the unit.

The head swivels and tilts for bounce flash capability and the unit has a 1/4 inch female thread for mounting on a lightstand or tripod. With the optional QNexus it can be remotely controlled by a Canon or Nikon shoe mounted flash or infrared control unit.



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