Vagabond Mini Lithium

Vagabond Mini Lithium

For those of you who are grieving the disappearance of Vagabond batteries, the replacement is finally here!!!!

The Vagabond Mini™ Lithium is a third generation controlled-current pure sine wave power source for operating AC powered studio photoflash units in the field from its built-in battery. You’ll love the Mini’s lighter weight (3.5 pounds). The Mini is completely enclosed within a strong, high-impact, flame retardant ABS housing. The battery is fully encased in the same ABS material and can be instantly replaced with the slide-in latching mechanism; there are no wires or user connections other than the AC outlets and charger inlet. The unit additionally includes a light stand mounting mechanism.

The unit has two standard 120 volt outlets, a multi-level accurate battery charge indicator and a convenient front panel battery charging connection for the supplied 3-hour universal rapid charger (95VAC to 250VAC charger input). For operating 120VAC lights in 230V studios, the charger may be plugged in such that the unit is charging while in use, allowing continuous operation in most uses.

One Vagabond mini will provide up to 400 shots with a single 600 Ws light. More powerful lights will get proportionately fewer shots. Use of modeling lights and holding a light in charged position for a significant period of time can significantly shorten the number of shots you get. So will low ambient temperature and a host of other factors. Consider 400 shots a best possible situation.

Please note: These units are designed to work with Alien Bee and other Buff Lighting products. We know that many of you are using them with other lights, but please be aware: Not all strobe systems work with DC inverted to AC battery packs. Use of this could damage your strobe, so you do so at your own risk.


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