Promote Control All-In-One Remote for Canon

Available Today

The Promote Control is an advanced all-in-one remote that offers expanded functionality. This is our Canon version. Key features include:

  • Advanced HDR Bracketing. Automatic bracketing for up to 45 shots and 9.0EV steps between bracketed exposures.
  • Automatic Bulb Mode Bracketing. For bracketing multiple exposures of 30 seconds or more.
  • Programmable Focus Stacking. Enables automated focus adjustment and capture for creating focus-stacked images (compatible Canon cameras only). Only captures the images. You’ll need some sort of focus-stacking software to assemble the image in post (not included).
  • Time-Lapse Modes. Provides easy to set parameters to capture time-lapse images over an extended period of time. You can also program the unit the capture HDR time-lapses.
  • Bulb Ramping: Using the included bulb ramping cable, you can set Promote to adjust the exposure value along a curve to make the adjustment smooth and unnoticed. This makes capturing time-lapses of sunsets or other situations where the exposure greatly changes possible.
  • Hyperfocal Calculator. Handy tool for determining hyperfocal distance based on focal length and aperture. Just a calculator, so any adjustments must be made manually.
  • PLEASE NOTE. Not all features are supported by every camera. We can’t predict what you’ll be using the item for, so it’s best you check Promote’s compatibility chart to ensure your camera is supported. This kit includes Canon shutter release cables with CN3 and CN2 connections. The chart linked above details which cameras with which these cables work.
  • Promote Control with case
  • USB camera connection cable
  • USB Type A male to Type B mini cable
  • Bulb ramping cable with hotshoe adapter
  • Shutter control cable Canon CN2
  • Shutter control cable Canon CN3

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