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The Canon 6D is Canon’s current entry-level full-frame DSLR. It’s based around a newly designed 20.2 MP CMOS sensor with the same 14-bit A/D conversion, DIGIC 5+ Image Processor, and 63-zone dual-layer metering sensor as the 5D Mark III. It has a wide normal ISO range of 100-25600 and an 11-pt AF system with a high precision, cross-type center point sensitive to EV -3.0 which functions in very low light, and can shoot up to 5 fps.

It offers full HD recording at up to 1080/30P, with a variety of additional frame rates depending on your needs, full manual exposure control with both ALL-I and IPB compression options, built-in timecoding (Rec Run and Free Run), and automatic file partitioning for uninterrupted recording. The 64-step volume control and 3.5mm mic input allow for greater audio control while recording, but do note there’s not a dedicated headphone input.

The camera is noticeably smaller than previous full-frame cameras, but its build quality remains quite high. The 3.0" 1,040K-dot rear LCD offers high resolution image playback and Live View performance, with a large, 97% viewfinder for traditional shooting.

The 6D also has a built-in GPS receiver, a built-in Wi-Fi transmitter for sending images and controlling camera functions wirelessly via compatible smartphone, in-camera HDR, and multiple exposure control, and a variety of Auto Scene modes. Images and video files are for increased write times. It uses the same Canon LP-E6 lithium battery as many other Canon DSLRs (battery life of approximately 1000 shots), and records to SDHC / XC memory cards, with full support of UHS-I class cards.

Roger Cicala

Roger's Take

Roger Cicala

President of LensRentals.com

Well, the Canon 6D doesn’t resolve quite as well as the Canon 5D Mark III, but it’s close. It certainly doesn’t have the autofocus system of the 5D III, either, but it may be more accurate than the 5D II. May. So, other than price, why do I like this so much?

Size is one thing. There are times when I want a smaller camera but I don’t want an APS-C size sensor, and the 6D really isn’t much larger than a Canon 70D or 7D.

Most of all, though, is I absolutely am in love with the WiFi system and iPhone app. Yeah, it’s a fun toy, but it really is very useful, too. I’ve used the 6D as a second camera that I control remotely while shooting from the first camera. So I took pictures of me taking pictures, which is sort of photography squared. I’ve also set a 6D up in a corner at parties and family gatherings, then focused and shot from my iPhone while in the picture.

So the 6D doesn’t replaced the 5D III, by any means, but it has become the camera I keep at home and take everywhere.
March, 2013

  • 6D camera body w/strap
  • Body cap
  • LP-E6 battery
  • LC-E6 Charger
  • Manual
  • Camera bag

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90 days $70.00 $458.00 $528.00 $5.87
Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
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