Schneider 50mm f/2.8 Super Angulon for Canon

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The Schneider-Kreuznach lenses feature extremely precise and stable mechanics, and Schneider-Kreuznach’s characteristic high-resolution optics. They can be shifted by 12 mm and tilted by 8 degrees simultaneously. Both the tilt and shift mechanisms can be rotated by 360 degrees so that adjustments can be made in any direction and independently of each other. These individual settings mean that the photographer has a wide scope for creative image composition. The large image circle (the lenses were originally designed for medium format) means excellent resolution even with maximum movement.

Roger Cicala

Roger's Take

Roger Cicala

President of LensRentals.com

This is an impressive lens, very well thought out and very, very well made. Not just that it’s built like a tank (it is). But you tilt and shift it by turning two rings (like focus rings) on the lens. It’s a very smooth and precise operation, far superior to any normal SLR tilt-shift, and as you’re doing so you can see exactly how many mm or degrees you’ve added. At the very back of the lens is a metal ring that you push forward to rotate the tilt and shift mechanism in 30 degree increments.

It’s a bit different in that the lens only tilts and shifts one way (not back and forth), but because you can rotate that in any direction it doesn’t need to go both ways. It does take a bit of getting used to. I think, perhaps, that is the reason that this lens stays bright even when fully tilted and only darkens when both tilt and shift are applied with enthusiasm, which is much better than other TS lenses I’ve shot.

The built-on foot is already formed as an Arca-Swiss mount so no plate is needed. The focus ring is quite smooth and has a 120 degree throw, so pulling focus should be accurate (while the ring is lightly toothed, you’ll may still want an adapter ring to match with your follow focus). The aperture ring has a stop – you set the aperture you want, open wide to focus accurately, then use the blue ring in front to slam over to your set aperture without looking. And focusing is very precise and smoothly accurate. Once you get used to it, the lens is a pleasure to shoot. And it’s sharp just like every tilt shift lens.

This is an extremely well made lens that raises the bar for other manufacturers. It’s big and heavy, about the size of a Zeiss CP.2 lens, but for serious work it may be the most precise and accurate tilt shift I’ve ever tried. Really a pleasure to shoot with.

Filter Size
3.0 lb
Minimum Focusing Distance
22 inches
Maximum Magnification
Angle of view: (full frame)
47 degrees (93 degrees coverage with shift)
Maximum Shift
+/- 12 mm, 8 degrees of tilt
Zoom method
Image Stabilization
Focusing System
Internal focusing, nonrotating, manual only, floating element
Aperture Blades
8 curved
Low Dispersion Elements
Fluorite Elements
Aspherical Elements
Weather Resistant
Canon EF
Crop, Full frame
Video, Tilt-Shift



  • Schneider 50mm f/2.8 Super Angulon for Canon Diagram

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