Canon Speedlite 90EX

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The Canon Speedlite 90EX is an ultra-compact hotshoe flash for use with Canon digital cameras. Compatible with all Canon DSLRs, it’s the perfect size for use with the Canon EOS-M mirrorless. It offers a Guide Number of 30’ and provides coverage for lenses as wide as 24mm. Despite its small size, it has full E-TTL II functionality with compatible cameras. It has a built-in AF assist beam for aiding low-light AF performance, and can be set as a master wireless flash to control multiple units on four different channels. The flash unit itself doesn’t have any controls other than power button and locking switch, so all adjustments are done via the External Speedlite Menu in your camera.

Tim Ashbrand

Tim's Take

Tim Ashbrand

Technical Support Manager

The 90EX is basically a pop-up flash that, rather than popping up, sits on your hotshoe and is removable. It’s designed to be used with the EOS-M as a basic fill flash, but it can also be used on other Canon cameras that support E-TTL II. While many will write this llittle guy off, he has a pretty useful trick up his sleeve with the AF assist beam. If you’re relying on autofocus in low light, the AF assist is a huge plus. You’re not going to shoot events with this, but as a compact fill flash, it can be worth a shot.

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