Quantum Turbo 3 Battery for Canon Flash

Available Today

The Quantum Turbo 3 for Canon is a high-capacity NiMH battery pack ideal for providing extended power for on or off camera Canon Speedlites. Key features include:

  • High Capacity. The Turbo 3 provides an estimated 1050 full-power flashes when used to power a Canon Speedlite. It also increases full-power recycle time to 1 second. However, we don’t recommend continuously firing full-power flashes if you want your flash to live through the shoot.
  • Canon Speedlite Compatible. We include (1) 3ft coiled CZ flash cable that allows you to power a Canon Speedlite.
  • Two Outlets. The Turbo 3 offers two power outlets, allowing simultaneous powering of two flashes. Do note we only include one cable.
  • Built-In Belt Clip. Enables freedom to move around while shooting.
  • Power Gauge. The four-step power gauge lets you check the battery level on the fly. The internal NiMH battery means there’s no memory effect, so topping off the charge causes no harm. The included charger will provide a full recharge in just three hours.
  • Please note: This comes with the Canon-specific connection cable. If you need to use this with a Nikon flash, you’ll need to order the Nikon version instead. Additionally, this item still requires batteries to be placed within the flash unit. While the Quantum battery pack does power the flash and decrease the recycle time, the lower voltage functions of the flash still rely on AA batteries.

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