Lytro Light Field Camera

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The Lytro Light Field Camera is a simple to use point-and-shoot camera that requires no focusing during shooting, but allows focus adjustment when loaded to a computer for an interactive experience. It features a 16GB internal storage that allows you to shoot roughly 750 images, and the 8x optical zoom, f/2 constant aperture lens allows the camera to be used for a variety of types of shooting. The Lytro camera itself is a compact 4.41" in length and weighs a bit less than 0.5lb. Despite its small size, the build quality is quite good, with an ultra-light anodized aluminum shell that features a silicone rubber grip.

The camera is built around the Lytro Light Field Sensor that utilizes Lytro Light Field Engine 1.0 and its user-friendly controls consist of a power button, a shutter button, zoom slider, and 1.52 in back-lit LCD touchscreen. That’s it! While you can’t input specific exposure adjustments, you can use the touchscreen to select any area of the image that you want the camera to base the exposure off of (think iPhone exposure control without focus).

The images are outputted in an 11 Megaray .LPF interactive file that can be edited via the free desktop software. Once downloaded from the camera and edited, you can upload the images to the Lytro website for free hosting, with interactive viewing on any internet-connected possible. If you want to make prints, you can “flatten” the images after selecting a final focus point and output them as 3MP-equivalent JPEG files.

  • Lytro Light Field Camera
  • Lens cap
  • Wrist strap
  • Lytro Fast Wall Charger
  • USB cable
  • Camera bag



  • Lytro Light Field Camera Diagram

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