Sony Cyber-Shot RX1


This product is discontinued. However, we currently offer similar, updated products:

The Sony RX1 is compact point and shoot camera that features a 35mm full-frame sensor. This 24.3MP sensor, also found in the Sony A99 and Sony NEX-VG900, provides high image quality with great low light performance.

While the fixed Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2 Sonnar lens is non-removable, it’s a very popular focal length that can be used in just about any shooting situation. The fast f/2 aperture allows great background separation, as well as flexibility to shoot in low light. It offers quick and extremely accurate autofocus performance and includes Sony’s great focus peaking for truly simple manual focusing.

While it’s more commonly thought of as a stills camera, the RX1 also offers great video performance, recording full HD video at up to 60p, with a selectable 24p mode as well. Video files are recorded in AVCHD 2.0 format, with a built-in stereo mic for quick and easy use. It also features a 3.5mm input for connecting an external mic for improved audio performance.

At first glance, the RX1 looks quite similar to its baby brother the Sony RX100. Like the other models in Sony’s RX-series, it has a very simple layout with advanced controls, and the menu is pretty much the same, making the RX1 quite user friendly. It has three dedicated rings on the lens that control focus, aperture, and macro mode for quick adjustment while shooting, and the Quick Navi menu enables more intense setting adjustment.

The RX1 has Sony’s multi-interface hotshoe that allows the use of an external flash like the Sony HVL-F60M. While the large 3.0" rear LCD is very good and works well for image composition and review, many people many prefer the optional FDA-EV1MK Electronic Viewfinder (not included) for improved shooting. The RX1 accepts SDHC / XC memory cards for recording it’s high quality JPEG / RAW image files, and the included NP-BX1 rechargeable lithium battery is rated for roughly 330 shots per charge.

Tim Ashbrand

Tim's Take

Tim Ashbrand

Technical Support Manager

There’s a good chance you already know why this camera is such a big deal. The full-frame sensor is amazing, the lens is amazing, the size is astonishing. I wish it had a built-in viewfinder, but the add-on EVF is quite nice and would have made the camera noticeably larger if it was built-in. It has some quirky functions that could be improved like focus peaking during manual focus without magnifying the image, but I’m probably just nitpicking. Would I recommend it? Without a doubt!

Filter Size
49mm (nonrotating front element)
Minimum Focusing Distance
0.3m (0.2m in macro mode)
Maximum Magnification
Angle of view: (full frame)
62 degrees
Zoom method
Image Stabilization
SteadyShot in cropped video mode only
Focusing System
Internal focusing, nonrotating, manual w/focus peaking
Aperture Blades
9 curved, circular shape
Low Dispersion Elements
Fluorite Elements
Aspherical Elements
Weather Resistant
  • Camera with front lens cap
  • Strap
  • (1) NP-BX1 battery
  • BC-TRX charger
  • Camera bag

*Manual available by request only.


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