Fuji X100S

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The Fuji X100s is the update to the very popular original Fuji X100. The X100s features a second-generation 16MP X-Trans APS-C (crop) sensor, allowing the removal of the optical low pass filter. It still features a fixed 23mm f2.0 lens, providing a 35mm focal length equivalent after sensor crop factor. While the X100 suffered from lagging autofocus, the X100s has Fuji’s Intelligent Hybrid AF that utilizes both contrast and phase detection methods for much faster performance.

The X100s still uses a 460k dot, high-resolution LCD like the X100, but has a much improved hybrid optical and 2,360k-dot electronic viewfinder. The camera captures images in both RAW and JPG formats, but offers even better native ISO performance than its predecessor with an ISO range between 200-6400 (expandable to 100-25600). Also improved are the video features, with full HD movie recording at up to 1920 × 1080 at 60fps with a 36Mbps bit-rate.

The improved 23mm f/2 lens has a six group / eight element design with a single double-sided aspherical element to reduce aberrations and improve sharpness, while the Super EBC coatings reduce lens flare and ghosting . It still has the nine blade aperture diaphragm, and the built-in 3-stop neutral density filter was also brought over from the X100. The control layout on the back of the camera has also seen some improvements, with a few buttons gaining new functions for improved ergonomics while shooting.

Please Note: If you’re getting a “frame number full error” message, you can reset that counter following the instructions here.

Tim Ashbrand

Tim's Take

Tim Ashbrand

Technical Support Manager

With the X100s, Fuji took just about all the frustrating flaws and corrected them. Personally, it’s just about perfect to me. Autofocus is great now, image quality is even better, and the control layout is more ergonomically-friendly. If it’s in stock, it won’t be for long.

  • X100s with camera strap
  • Lens cap
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charger with cord
  • Camera bag

*Manual available by request only.


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