Leica M-E

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The Leica M-E is the “entry-level” digital rangefinder from Leica. However, the only differences between the M-E and the M9 are the lack of a framing guideline switch and USB port on the M-E and the physical appearances of the two camera bodies.

The M-E still has the same 18.2MP, full-frame CCD sensor with no anti-aliasing filter, which provides images with maximum sharpness. The sensor utilizes a very advanced microlens system that helps to prevent light fall-off at the edges of the image due to the short flange back distance. It also has an advanced IR filter, so there’s no need for external IR filters.

The metal-leaf, focal-plane shutter provides very quite operation due to its microprocessor-controlled design. The camera has a manual shutter speed dial that offers a range of 1/4000 – 8 seconds, as well as a bulb and aperture-priority setting. The normal ISO sensitivity range is 160 – 2500, but can be extended down to ISO 80.

The M-E accepts all M-mount lenses, making it compatible with a long list of classic lenses. Those with “6-bit” encoding will allow the camera to automatically adjust for the vignetting effects of the particular lens. When lenses are not coded, you can set the lens using a simple menu function so the camera will adjust for the focal length and aperture being used.

It accepts SD / SDHC memory cards (not SDXC!) via its removable baseplate, which also exposes the battery compartment for the rechargeable lithium battery.

WARNING: It has been widely reported that Sandisk Extreme Pro memory cards are not compatible with this camera. With that said, we recommend using the Extreme models instead. Also, no SDXC memory card is supported

  • Leica M-E camera w/ strap
  • Body cap
  • Battery
  • Charger w/ cord

*Manual available by request only.


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