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The Leica M9 features an 18.2 megapixel, full-frame CCD sensor with no anti-aliasing filter to maximize sharpness and an advanced microlens system to prevent light fall-off on the edges of the image. It does have an advanced IR filter, so unlike the M8 series cameras, no external IR filters are needed.

Its metal-leaf, focal-plane shutter is very quiet and microprocessor-controlled, which enables shutter speeds of up to 1/4000 seconds. Sensitivity ranges from ISO 80 for wide-open apertures on bright days to ISO 2500.

All M-mount lenses will work on the M9. Those with “6-bit” encoding will allow the camera to automatically adjust for the vignetting effects of the particular lens. When lenses are not coded, you can set the lens using a simple menu function so the camera will adjust for the focal length and aperture being used.

WARNING: It has been widely reported that Sandisk Extreme Pro memory cards are not compatible with this camera. With that said, we recommend using the Extreme models instead. Also, no SDXC memory card is supported

Try-and-Buy Program: If you rent a Leica M9 from us, we will deduct the 4-day rental price from the purchase of a new Leica M9 should you decide to buy one.

Roger Cicala

Roger's Take

Roger Cicala

President of LensRentals.com

First, if you’re an experienced rangefinder or Leica shooter, I have nothing of worth to say to you. I’m a neophyte — a lifelong SLR shooter with no previous rangefinder experience. But I wanted to see what the fuss was about so I got a quick Rangefinder 101 lesson and look the M9 out for a day, which resulted in no pictures worth the disc space they took up much less a print.

But I enjoyed it tremendously and pretty soon found myself taking an M9 home almost every weekend. It’s a blast and has me thinking about my shots, rather than blasting away and seeing what I got.

Has it expanded my horizons? Absolutely. When I know I’ll be working in a standard range focal length (up to 75mm) it’s become my camera of choice, and I love being able to walk around with a small, unobtrusive camera that still gives me spectacular image quality. And yes, there is a look about those shots that is different.

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*Manual available by request only.


LensRentals.com offers rentals ranging in length from 1 to 90 days. The shopping cart will automatically update the quoted price as you adjust the length of your rental. Our most common rental periods are shown below:

Rental Period Lenscap+ Rental Price Total Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $41.00 $181.00 $222.00 $74.00
4 days $44.00 $194.00 $238.00 $59.50
7 days $59.00 $259.00 $318.00 $45.43
10 days $79.00 $350.00 $429.00 $42.90
14 days $102.00 $453.00 $555.00 $39.64
21 days $137.00 $609.00 $746.00 $35.52
30 days $173.00 $764.00 $937.00 $31.23
45 days $225.00 $997.00 $1222.00 $27.16
60 days $263.00 $1166.00 $1429.00 $23.82
90 days $339.00 $1502.00 $1841.00 $20.46
Rental Period Lenscap Rental Price Total Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $27.00 $181.00 $208.00 $69.33
4 days $29.00 $194.00 $223.00 $55.75
7 days $39.00 $259.00 $298.00 $42.57
10 days $53.00 $350.00 $403.00 $40.30
14 days $68.00 $453.00 $521.00 $37.21
21 days $92.00 $609.00 $701.00 $33.38
30 days $115.00 $764.00 $879.00 $29.30
45 days $150.00 $997.00 $1147.00 $25.49
60 days $176.00 $1166.00 $1342.00 $22.37
90 days $226.00 $1502.00 $1728.00 $19.20
Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $181.00 $60.33
4 days $194.00 $48.50
7 days $259.00 $37.00
10 days $350.00 $35.00
14 days $453.00 $32.36
21 days $609.00 $29.00
30 days $764.00 $25.47
45 days $997.00 $22.16
60 days $1166.00 $19.43
90 days $1502.00 $16.69

LensRentals.com ships via the appropriate FedEx service necessary to have your rental arrive on the date selected. Return shipping is included in the shipping price, and we include a prepaid return label with your order - all you need to do is bring it to a FedEx drop-off location when your rental is complete. If you prefer UPS shipping, you can select it during the checkout process for about 10% more.

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