Leica M-24 Brightline Finder

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This Leica M-24 Brightline Finder is a viewfinder for 24mm M-mount lenses. Its concave mirror design allows incoming light to illuminate the frame lines, providing wonderful viewing with a high-contrast image. It has been optimized for both M9 / M-E / M8 sized sensors, with lines for parallax compensation when shooting closer than 6.56’, as well as markings for the smaller sensor of the M8. Through the use of multi-layer coatings, Leica has made the Brightline Finder great for shooing in various conditions with optimal viewing quality. It also features a rubber eyepiece cover to aid shooters with glasses. Its classic design and solid brass construction make it just as pleasing to look at as look through.

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We now stock a few different viewfinder options for Leica wide-angle lenses. You may be asking yourself, “I just don’t know which one to try”. Well, we took an entire morning comparing the different ones we stock and offer to you a brief insight into how they stack up.

  • Leica M Universal Wide Angle Finder – This viewfinder is designed to be a match with the Leica 16-18-21mm Tri-Elmar. The additional focal lengths are for M8 users who have a 1.3x crop factor to contend with. With that lens, it works beautifully. However, it doesn’t stop there. For M9 / M-E or older film camera users, you also have the ability to use the viewfinder with 24 and 28mm focal lengths in addition to 16, 18, and 21. This viewfinder is definitely the most versatile of our options, but it does come at a cost. What’s the cost you ask? It’s big! And by big, i mean a strange looking growth coming from the top-left of the camera an 1.5" tall and 3" wide. If you can get past this hiccup, you will fall in love. It offers frame lines for the classic Leica feel. It has two dials, one controls focal length, the other selects focus distances. This is useful for correcting parallax at closer focal lengths. With all the controls this viewfinder offers, when set correctly, it’s very accurate. Oh yea, it also has a built-in bubble level to aid in straight compositions! If you want as accurate a view you can get with a wide-angle Leica lens, here you go.
  • Leica M-18, M-21 and M-24 Brightline Viewfiners – These three viewfinders I will lump together since they are nearly identical except their respective focal length. Obviously, the big difference between these guys and the two previous viewfinders is the fixed focal length. With the Brightline finders, you get a very accurate, if not a bit tight, viewfinder with frame lines. It’s definitely more accurate at further distances than close, but it’s still very useful up close. There is also a unique set of smaller frame lines that you can use in different combinations for close focus distances or with the M8 and it’s crop sensor. A couple pros for these guys are you get a very sharp image in the center and decent sharpness in the corners, VERY bright frame lines, even in low-light, and it’s the smallest option of all the viewfinders. It’s big con is if your eye isn’t centered looking through the viewfinder, the image distorts quite a bit due to the concave mirror design. If you want a small, unobtrusive option or will be shooting in low light, you may prefer one of these guys.

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