AlienBees B800

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The AlienBees B800 is a powerful, self-contained (monolight) studio flash unit, producing 320 true wattseconds of power that is adjustable over a stepless five f-stop range.

Each unit contains a built-in cooling fan and a 150-watt modeling lamp that recycles to full power in just one second. The units can be triggered as optical slaves (firing when triggered by an on-camera flash) or by the included 15-foot PC Sync cord. They are individually AC powered from normal household current, so no central power source is needed, allowing maximum flexibility for set up. Each unit includes a built-in, 7-inch reflector and a 32-inch umbrella.

Corey’s Take

The AlienBees B800 is a workhorse light unit that’s great when you want to rent more than 2 units or create your own lighting set up. A low cost light to rent and the most varied collection of modifiers available, the AlienBees B800 is my go-to light when I have a complicated lighting situation, but want a no nonsense lighting solution. The AlienBees lack the Einstein E640’s fancy LCD and action/color modes. However there’s something about the quick, simple analog controls that I appreciate when I don’t want to fool with methodical digital menus.

2.9 lbs
Strobe Output
Modeling Output
Color Temperature
Color Shift
Stop Adjustment
6 Stop
Sync Input
Mini Phono
Sync Speed
Sync Voltage
Sync Cord
12’ Mini Phono to PC
Built-In Slave
Built-In Radio Range
Recycle Time
1 Second
7" Field Reflector
Angle of Light
80 Degree
Universal up to 5/8"
Power Cord
15" Detachable
  • Strobe unit w/ shipping cover
  • Reflector
  • Sync cord
  • Umbrella
  • Power cable
  • Carrying case

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Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
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