Pentax 645D for Medium Format

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The Pentax 645D is a high resolution medium format camera inspired by the classic Pentax 645 film cameras. Key features include:

  • Large Sensor. The 645D is based around a 40MP medium format (44×33mm) CCD sensor. It provides a top resolution of 7264×5440 pixels, which is ideal for ultra-high resolution imaging, exceptionally large printing applications, and outstanding cropping flexibility.
  • 0.78x Crop Factor. This means any compatible lens you mount to this camera, multiply the given focal length by 0.78 to calculate the 35mm-equivalent focal length.
  • Advanced Functionality. The 645D has a 77 segment metering system and 11-point AF system for reliable, accurate shooting. With an ISO range of 200-1000 (expandable to 100 and 1600) and highly flexible white balance options, shooting in less-than-ideal conditions are easily achieved.
  • High Build Quality. The camera has a rigid aluminum diecast chassis covered in magnesium alloy for a heavy duty yet lightweight body and is fully weather sealed and coldproof for shooting in any environment. The all-glass, trapezoid pentaprism viewfinder offers a 98% FOV viewing angle for accurate framing applications, and the large 3" 921K rear LCD is great for reviewing images
  • Other Features. Dual SDHC / XC memory card slots allow for various recording methods (8-bit JPG or 14-bit RAW-Pentax PEF or Adobe DNG). It has mirror lockup and dampening features, multiple JPG processing options and in-camera HDR. It shoots at 1.1fps at full resolution and has in-camera lens correction that compensates for aberrations and distortion. All of this in a body that is not too much bigger than a pro-DSLR (6.1 × 4.6 × 4.7″ 49 oz body only).
  • Camera with body cap
  • D-LI90 battery
  • D-BC90 charger
  • Camera strap
  • Hard case

*Manual available by request only.


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