Kata Revolver-8 Backpack

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The Kata Revolver-8 Backpack was designed with professional photographers in mind. The revolutionary new design (pun intended) will change the way users access their gear at work. It features a top quick-access compartment for storing pro-sized DSLR with standard lens attached. All additional lenses and accessories stored in revolver type magazine, accessed from one point on the side by turning the insert to reach the one lens/accessory needed. This revolving design allows the user the quickly change lenses, all without having to set the backpack on the ground and pillage through. There’s also two small pocket on each side of the top quick-access compartment that can hold small accessories or lenses for quick access.

It has Kata’s Spine Guard MK II support system to give foam support and structural integrity, improving comfort level during long shoots. Its waist and sternum straps allow for even weight distribution, and the built-in rain cover provides protection from the elements. All together, the Revolver-8 is designed to hold a pro DSLR or smaller DSLR w/ grip and a standard lens attached, plus 4 additional lenses (manufacturer uses a 70-200, 16-35, 50mm, 100mm macro as examples), and up to 15.4’’ laptop. However, depending on your lens selection, you may be able to carry more or fewer. It also has hideaway straps along the front of the bag to attach a tripod for transport.

Camera and lenses not included.

Bag Weight (with dividers)
3.64 lbs.
External Height(H)
19.29 in
External Length(L)
12.99 in
External Width(W)
9.84 in
Internal main compartment height(H)
11.02 in
Internal main compartment length(L)
11.02 in.
Internal main compartment width(W)
4.33 in
Laptop compartment height
14.96 in
Laptop compartment length
11.02 in
Laptop compartment width
1.18 in

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