Panasonic GH3

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The Panasonic GH3 is a pro-caliber mirrorless camera from Panasonic that features a 16MP Live MOS sensor and advanced Venus Engine processor. The GH3 has a normal ISO range of 200-12,800 that allows the flexibility to shoot in any lighting condition, and Panasonic’s highly responsive Light Speed AF system provides AF sensor readouts of 240fps. Full-area focusing lets you select any area within the frame to set an adjustable-sized AF point, supporting continuous focus for both still and video shooting.

While the Panasonic GH2 offered a great amount of video flexibility (some of which was not official), the GH3 offers a greatly expanded amount of control, recording Full HD 1080P video at up to 60fps, and shooting natively to MOV file format with your choice of 50Mbps IPB or 72Mbps All-I compression formats. There’s built-in timecode functionality with a count up system with Rec. Run / Free Run option, as well as a Drop Frame / Non-Drop Frame mode.

Recording time limits have been minimized thanks to the GH3’s seamless file generation and advanced heat-dispersing design, allowing extended continuous recording without interruption or overheating issues. The camera features multiple input options for expansion capabilities, with a mini-HDMI port that supports both monitor loop-through and external recording (uncompressed 4-2-0), and 3.5mm mic and headphone inputs for advanced audio functionality with in-camera level adjustment.

Physically, the GH3 has grown in size from its predecessor, but the gain is a sturdy, weather-sealed, magnesium-alloy build. Both the 1,744K-dot EVF and 614K-dot free-angle rear LCD are of OLED design, working in tandem to provide an extremely high quality experience. The GH3 has a pop-up flash (GN17 @ISO 200) for quick fill, a standard ISO hotshoe for external flash units, and a PC Sync input for studio strobe use. The GH3 is also the first Micro 4/3rds camera to have built-in Wi-Fi functionality that allows both remote camera control and image backup to an Android or iOS smartphone / tablet via their dedicated app.

The GH3 writes images and video to SDHC / XC memory cards, and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s rated for approximately 500 shots per charge.

Kris Steward

Kris's Take

Kris Steward

Video Technician

This thing is G – R – E – A – T! My first Panasonic mirrorless camera was the GH2, and while it impressed me with its size and weight, I still found myself reaching for a Canon when it came to professional jobs. But at long last love has found me. Its new codecs hold as much detail as I’ll ever need and the 1080 60p is something even Canon has yet to give us at a reasonable price point. Coupled with the fact that many manufacturers have been dropping some high quality micro 4/3 glass in the past few years, and this m4/3 sensor thing is starting to make real sense. Anyway, this is my new goto unless I need a 5D3’s lowlight performance, but even then it’s a hard choice.

  • GH3 camera body w/ strap
  • Body cap
  • DMW-BLF19 battery
  • DMW-BTC10 charger
  • Camera bag

*Manual available by request only.

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