Westcott Rapid Box 26" Octa for Hotshoe Flash

Available Today

Flash and stand pictured not included.

The Westcott 26" Octa Rapid Box is a compact light modifier design for use with hotshoe flashes. It’s great for on-location portraits, as its umbrella design makes setup and breakdown extremely simple. It has a highly reflective silver interior that helps to spread light throughout the unit, and the included front diffusion panel softens the light source for a more pleasing effect. We also include the deflector plate that can be used with or without the front diffusion panel. When used with, it reflects light much more evenly and eliminates any perceivable hotspot. When used without the diffusion panel, the unit mimics the light quality you’d get from a beauty dish. The included tilting 5/8" receiver stand mount / hotshoe flash mount / speed ring combo holds the Octa Rapid Box in place, but it does not include a light stand.

Corey’s Take

With its sturdy, umbrella-like design the Westcott 26" Rapid Box makes an awesome modifier when using a hotshoe flash off camera. While not the largest flash modifier on the market, this is easily one of the most compact and well built that I’ve come across. The compact design and small carry case keeps you mobile will offering a good diffusion solution to your off-camera lighting set up. The hotshoe flash mounts outside of the rapid box so you can easily access the flash controls, or use a line-of-sight triggering method if you prefer. The flash mount also has a built in tilt bracket so there’s no need to use a light stand adapter to tilt or adjust the vertical angle of the light. If you’re looking for a portable modifier, or need to shoot on location with hotshoe flashes, make sure you grab this item.

  • 26" Octabox
  • Receiver / flash mount / speed ring combo
  • Front diffusion panel
  • Deflector plate
  • Carrying case


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