PocketWizard Flex TT5 for Nikon

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The Pocketwizard FlexTT5 is a dedicated Nikon i-TTL radio transceiver. The transmitting unit slides onto the camera’s hot shoe and can trigger slave pocket wizards up to 800 feet away, even out of the line of sight. It sits flat on top of the camera with only a small flip-up antenna when maximum range is needed, and has a ‘pass-through’ hot shoe mount on top, allowing you to use an on-camera shoe mounted flash in addition to off camera flashes if you wish.

It supports multiple slave units, which are triggered by additional FlexTT5 units set as receivers, or triggered by standard PocketWizards (without TTL data passed through in this case). With just the TT5 on your camera’s hotshoe, the flash is controlled by the exposure compensation dial on your camera. If using an on camera flash or flash commander in conjunction with the TT5, you can control up to 3 groups and an unlimited number of remote TTL units.

Note: the rental price is for a single FlexTT5 unit. You will need a second FlexTT5 or other pocket wizard unit to act as a receiver.

LensRentals.com offers rentals ranging in length from 1 to 90 days. The shopping cart will automatically update the quoted price as you adjust the length of your rental. Our most common rental periods are shown below:

Rental Period Waiver Price Rental Price Total Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $5.00 $23.00 $28.00 $9.33
4 days $5.00 $25.00 $30.00 $7.50
7 days $7.00 $33.00 $40.00 $5.71
10 days $9.00 $45.00 $54.00 $5.40
14 days $12.00 $58.00 $70.00 $5.00
21 days $16.00 $78.00 $94.00 $4.48
30 days $21.00 $97.00 $118.00 $3.93
45 days $27.00 $127.00 $154.00 $3.42
60 days $32.00 $149.00 $181.00 $3.02
90 days $41.00 $191.00 $232.00 $2.58
Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
3 days $23.00 $7.67
4 days $25.00 $6.25
7 days $33.00 $4.71
10 days $45.00 $4.50
14 days $58.00 $4.14
21 days $78.00 $3.71
30 days $97.00 $3.23
45 days $127.00 $2.82
60 days $149.00 $2.48
90 days $191.00 $2.12

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