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The X-Rite ColorMunki Photo Color Management Solution provides display and RGB/CMYK printer profiling in an easy-to-use all-in-one integrated solution with a streamlined interface. The ColorMunki spectrophotometer is a portable all-in-one device that provides Monitor Printer Profiling; it even has a Built-in white calibration tile for self calibration. You’ll get precise monitor calibration using a basic mode with preconfigured settings or an advanced mode with settings for white point, ambient compensation and precalibration. It also has the ability to capture the ambient light within a room or a light box for an impressive level of color calibration.

It’s RGB and CMYK printer profiling technology provides complete color control along with optimized printer profiling, and has the ability to optimize specific colors, black & white shades, and flesh tones to ensure that the color you see is the color you get. You simply scan one test chart of 50 patches, and ColorMunki calculates an interim profile and learns how your printer behaves for these colors. It then produces a second chart that perfects your profile once you scan it.

Please Note: The software disc is so out of date, we no longer include it with the rental. Instead, the latest version of the software can be downloaded from the Links tab or from the link below.


  • ColorMunki Spectrophotometer (Black)
  • USB Cable
  • Carry Case with Integrated Monitor Holder/Strap

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Rental Period Rental Price Approximate Day Rate
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